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Andrea Lewan & Associates, Inc

Prepare, Promote, and Purpose individuals to reach their potential.



         Andrea Jackson, a transformational trainer and leader, is on a powerful crusade to stamp out all forms of illiteracy and self-limiting beliefs found in our communities. Through group sessions and personal one-on-one sessions, she prepares and develops people to reach their potential. She is passionate about creating empowered people.

         Andrea graduated from Bowie State University with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Master’s in Psychology. She spent numerous years in the corporate arena, but decided that true financial independence and wealth could only be found in building a business.  The best way that she could truly impact her community was by teaching others the knowledge and principles that she had been taught.  Motivated by an overwhelming desire to help people become the better version of themselves and to fully maximize their potential, Andrea draws on her unique sense of humor, years of teaching/training experience and a strong love for the empowerment of people to touch audiences nationwide and it is her mission to help prepare, promote, and purpose individuals to reach their potential.




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"Good afternoon Andrea,

May peace and blessings be upon you and your family.   It was an educational and spiritual joy to attend and participate in the Stewardship: The Other 90% workshop. Thank you for all of the invaluable nuggets you and the guest speakers shared."


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"Dear Andrea,
Thanks so much for all your  great advice and guidance."


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"Thank you so much Andrea for teaching me something about finance. I had absolutely no clue about ANYTHING at all before and now I feel like I have somewhat of a foundation! You broke down the concepts really well and the class was fun! My meeting you was such a blessing and I hope I’ll be able to send it back someday!"



Ready to be Prepared, Promoted, and Purposed?

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